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The Liberators is a WWII novel where USAAF Capt. Andrew Walters embarks on a thirty-month journey to become an outstanding leader while carrying a lifetime of insecurities from a father’s pushing, shoving, and nagging him to be perfect. The Captain falls in love with a spirited Red Cross Nurse who rescues an orphaned toddler, becomes too attached creating multiple problems. The pilot’s family in Fayetteville, NC, suffers terribly when notified their son is MIA. This is a heartwarming story for men AND women, but as Susan Smith wrote in her review, “keep your flak jacket and parachute handy while reading.” Please visit 


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     by Jerri Gibson McCloud      


Winter 1943. WWII is full blown. USAAF B-17 Flying Fortress pilot, Capt. Andrew Walters who has an unstoppable drive and undeterred command of leadership, flies his crew through horrific missions over Germany and Austria to slow the surge of the Luftwaffe and liberate people from the devastation of Hitler’s Third Reich.

In this fast-paced debut novel, German Luftwaffe burst through clouds at 12 o’clock with blinding sun preceding them, unleashing their weapons on an out gunned—out maneuvered—overloaded B-17 on one of three treacherous missions to destroy ball bearing plants over Germany. Capt. Walters leads his crew through torturous flak, 8mm guns peppering the Flying Fortress, and 20mm cannons barreling through the plane while holding a steady course toward their initial point to release bombs on German targets. A web of bloody human debris splayed across the B-17’s windshield—an eyeball stares back at them.

During his thirty-month journey, Capt. Walters is determined to become the man his perfectionist father can be proud of—a man alone in his secret plight, his leadership would turn frightened, petrified, ashen boys into men.

Along the way, the Captain falls in love with a spirited Red Cross nurse from his hometown. She rescues an orphaned toddler and becomes extremely attached creating multiple problems as a result. The pilot’s family in Fayetteville, North Carolina, suffers tremendously when their son becomes Missing in Action.

Rarely does a WWII novel deal with the fears of its airmen or take you back home where the families cope by serving their country in other ways while their men fight for freedom for all. The Liberators covers it all.

Print copy and e-book editions available.


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS  - Christmas Short Story

Jacob, distraught that his father had left his family just   before Christmas, decides to go to his office and talk to him. During his bus ride to his dad's office, he gets off at  the  wrong bus stop and encounters terrifying experiences and  tries to escape to a nearby church. He finds a 'circle of  friends' and the true meaning of Christmas.

E-book edition.

THE CHRISTMAS DOLL - Christmas Short Story

Four-year-old Sara always rides on the high side of the rainbow, outwardly happy while inside blocking out dreadful reality, but not on Christmas morning. After the loss of her parents, she believes a doll can solve all of her problems by taking her into a world of make believe where there is no sorrow, no hurt, no pain, and ‘everyone lives happily ever after.’ Will it happen for her? How will she cope?

E-book edition.


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 The Liberators by Jerri Gibson McCloud (Print Book)

 The Liberators by Jerri Gibson McCloud (E-Book)

 Circle of Friends by Jerri Gibson McCloud (E-Book)

The Christmas Doll by Jerri Gibson McCloud (E-Book)

OR:  Park Road Books,(click here)

Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209 - 704-525-9239 (tel)

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