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Back Cover Blurb:

Just what IS a Kissing Bough?  Why do we love Santa Claus or Kris Kringle so much?  Where do all those treasured customs and rituals come from?  Why do we think it necessary to kiss under the mistletoe?

The Kissing Bough is a wonderful collection of stories that explore the meaning of the holiday season.  Some of the stories remind us why the spirit of Christmas is so important to individuals and families.  Other stories remind us that human nature is what it is, no matter what the holiday season says it should be!  Long buried secrets will out.  Murder happens even during this time of good cheer.  Envy, jealousy and loneliness will rub shoulders with seasonal feelings of good will and brotherly love.

Along the way, The Kissing Bough gives the reader insight into the ancient customs and traditions that make modern day Christmas what it is. 

Bio of the Editors:  The editors, Judith H. Simpson and Margaret Lorine, bring a wealth of publishing experience to this project.  Judith H. Simpson is the author of five novels, and has edited previous collections by the QWG.  Margaret Lorine, a former university professor, has written several non-fiction books and articles. 



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