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The Inheritance, Part I by Theresa Reilly Alsop

Fair Folk by Katrina Dwyer

The Inheritance, Part 2 by Theresa Reilly Alsop

Welcvm Freindis by Richard Alsop

Sir Woody and the Thief by Tally Simpson

The Match by Steve Gardner

The Inheritance, Part 3  by Theresa Reilly Alsop

Corbieís Nest by Judith H. Simpson

The Silver Horses by Kay Killian

The Tailorís Shears by Janet Morrison

The Inheritance, Part 4   by Theresa Reilly Alsop

The Luck of the Sixpence  by Jerri Gibson McCloud

Heart of a Douglas by Judith H. Simpson

The Baobhan Sith   by A. W. Hart

Mingi by Dennis Carrigan

Twice Lost by Theresa Reilly Alsop

The Inheritance, Final  by Theresa Reilly Alsop  

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(Inheriting Scotland)

Sell it! Thatís the solution ambitious young American John Douglas has in mind as he travels to Scotland to spend the required thirty days residency necessary to inherit Lochar Castle. Upon his arrival, local historian Nora Kennedy tells him of the castleís fabled secret roomí. Legend has it that the room contains the history of the Douglas clan, complete with artifacts from ancient times to the present. together they search for the room.

Travel with John as he experiences the magic of the Faire Folk. 'Welcvm Freindis' is a tale of treachery and deception. 'Sir Woody and the Thief' embark on a quirky quest. Score an eagle with Hannah Douglas as she plays an outlawed round of gowf (golf) in 'The Match'. Swashbuckler Jack Douglas must rescue his brother from the 'Corbieís Nest'. Unravel a conspiracy as Annora Douglas learns of family treachery in 'The Silver Horses'. Experience religious persecution with Sir Iain Douglas in The 'Tailorís Shears'. Beatrice Douglas sets out to deliver crucial documents to General Washington in 'The Luck of the Sixpence'. Romp through Georgian England with Charlie Douglas as he attempts to catch a spy in 'Heart of a Douglas'. Shiver at Patrick Douglasí encounter with a vampire in 'The Baobhan Sithe'. 'Mingi' follows Sir Henry Douglas up the Amazon in search of the secret of eternal youth. 'Twice Lost' follows Samuel Douglasís struggle to choose between his wife and his only brother.    

Inheriting Scotland follows John as, with Noraís help, he finds the meaning of love and family ties.




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