Charlotte Writers' Club History

Jerri served as President of Charlotte Writers' Club (CWC) 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. She served on CWC's Board of Directors for over six years and continued to serve as Past President during 2010-2011.

During her Presidencies the following accomplishments took place:


Donald Maass - NY Agent/Teacher/Author - February 28, 2009 - 8 hour workshop.                                             

Chris Roerden - Noted Teacher/Author - November 14, 2009 - 7 hour workshop.                                                 

Patrick LoBrutto - NY Editor/Teacher/Author - Future February 27, 2010 - 7 hour workshop                             

Poetry Workshop - Famous Poet/Teacher - April 2010 - 7 hour workshop                                                         

She planned and implemented the entire workshops with the exception of the Poetry Workshop which she is helping Richard Taylor (Past President) setup.

Payment method on website:

Jerri acquired the PayPal contract for members of CWC and non-members to pay online for membership, workshops, books, etc. Tasha Steimer incorporated the PayPal merge all membership registrations, workshops, and book sales into the website:

Sound Equipment:

The sound equipment at Joseph-Beth Booksellers where CWC meets was so ineffective, Jerri researched and purchased through the club, a wonderful sound system that can serve them for years to come.

Electronic Newsletter:

Observing the needed change into the electronic world, Jerri worked with Kelly McKenzie, Newsletter Editor, to create an electronic newsletter that cut printing and postage costs significantly.   

Other Duties:

Jerri answers a continuous stream of e-mails, writes a monthly President's Message, and holds regular board meetings.

Prior to Presidency:

Jerri served as Critique Group Coordinator - 2005-006                                                                                                  

Jerri served as Critique Group Coordinator and Publicity Chairperson - 2005-2006 - She took numerous jobs because the club was at it's lowest membership and participation in recent years. CWC met in the Great Aunt Stella Church Building and were bumped from the basement meeting room to the Sanctuary. The rent continued at $200 per month plus $75 for a closet storage. The Sanctuary was NOT conducive to the meeting or visitation before or after the meeting. The area parking was dark and not in a good location and limited parking due to construction. We were lucky to average 30 people in attendance.

As the fiscal year came to a close, Jerri was asked if she would keep her jobs for the following year. Her reply, "No, not unless things changed greatly in the club," meaning President and location. She was assured by Tony Abbott, CWC Advisor, that he would see to it that a strong President was put into place. The decline of not just that particular year, but had started earlier and Jerri felt a lot of it was due to location.

Change of Venue:

Jerri contacted Joseph-Beth Booksellers at SouthPark for their room upstairs. She negotiated with the person in charge and got the room for free based on the fact that CWC members would eat at their Bistro, purchase books, and purchase other items. Ever since September 2006 CWC has been meeting upstairs in the open area set up each month for free at Joseph-Beth's. It has been a mutual agreement ever since. Membership began to grow for that first meeting under Richard Taylor, President, to 269 members at the end of Jerri's first year. Richard proved to be a great and likable President and an excellent asset to CWC.

Critique Groups:

Under Richard Taylor, Jerri actively worked with Richard to coordinate writing critique groups. They grew from three during Richard's term to eleven during Jerri's first Presidency in 2008-2009 with the help of Joseph Spencer coordinating these groups during the latter year.


In September 2006 Jerri also served as Webmaster. Prior to her taking over the website, the club paid $300 per year for web hosting and approximately $100 for the domain name. Jerri reduced those expenses to $76.60 for two years hosting fees and domain cost of $64.71 through the year 2018. 

With a new website design, Jerri added a free CWC Newsletter copy to all who signed up. This alone created many new members.

Retiring from President:

Was Jerri be happy when her Presidential job was over? Jerri says, "Yes, indeed, however, I have loved every minute and will continue to support CWC an anyway I can. I desperately wanted to get back to my three novels, one of which I completed and hired a New York Editor. Never could I trade the wonderful experiences I've had meeting and working with such terrific people and a great organization of writers. My job could not have been done had it not been for the CWC Board and members. My hat goes off to all of them."