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Who’d a thought a little girl who could not read until third grade could write short stories, essays, a genealogy book and a novel? Perhaps sooner rather than later and before you think this kid was really dumb, I’ll tell you what brought her to this point. She and her sister (one year older) lost their parents in a wretched automobile crash when she was four years old. An uncle, whom she did not know, hopped a train from South Carolina to Pennsylvania to pick up the girls and take them 800 miles south to live with their paternal grandmother whom they did not know either. Though her grandmother was good to them, she ached for her parents and the security of a good home.

Well, that little girl is me. We lived with my grandmother for six months, went to live with an aunt and uncle for two and one-half years—that didn’t work out—back to grandma’s farm. I finished the last half of second grade while living with her. Next we went to live with another aunt and uncle 400 miles north where I started third grade and, alas, learned how to read. I had learned very young to live in a dream world and could close the door on any hurt or fear. Knowing what we lived through, I am proud of my accomplishments and proud that I never believed I was a victim. Yes, God sent me lemons and I made lemonade. Now on to writing.


Jerri Gibson McCloud is an Author/Artist/Sculptor, and manufacturer, creating and designing dolls.  Before closing their factory in the year 2000 due to imports from the orient, she traveled the world with her dolls, shared them with hundreds of souls, bringing sunshine into their lives and giving them something to love.  

During her sculpting and design career, she won numerous awards of excellence, which included the prestigious “Doty” award and “Dolls Award of Excellence.” As a young child, she loved dolls and this served well in her doll design career. 

Her writing career actually began with sculpting and design. She wrote stories to accompany her dolls in magazine advertisements on the back cover of Doll Reader Magazine and Dolls Magazine for many years. Unable to find a photographer early in the business that could photograph a doll, like a person instead of a table, she learned the art of photography, and designed and produced her own catalogs and advertisements. She created and wrote Collector Society Newsletters, and organized and implemented a yearly Jerri Collector’s Society Convention hosted in local hotels in Charlotte, NC. 

Jerri traveled to numerous doll signings each year and occasionally TV and speaking shows. Little did she realize that this training came in handy when she attended her first book signing in Winnsboro, SC, for two stories she wrote in The Great Depression - How we Coped, Worked and Played, with Editor/Publisher Margaret Bigger of A. Borough Books. 

After closing the manufacturing plant, Jerri undertook the challenge of becoming a writer, sharing her stories—some happy, some tragic, with all who would read. 

While interviewing a cousin for the genealogy book, she became intrigued with his experiences during WWII as a bombardier on a B-17 Flying Fortress. This inspired her to write a historical fiction novel, The Liberators, which is currently on www.amazon.com and other venues.


History and Legends of THE GIBSONS OF SOUTH CAROLINA Chester and Fairfield Counties by Jerri Gibson McCloud - Family History Publishers, Bountiful, Utah

A 556-page genealogy book, 8 x 10, hardback, library quality, that took five years of investigation and writing.  Published in September 2003


An anthology edited by Judith Simpson 

One story: “A ‘Thank You’ Christmas,” by Jerri Gibson McCloud


An anthology edited by Terri Alsop – 

Story: “The Luck of the Six Pence,” by Jerri Gibson McCloud 

THE GREAT DEPRESSION - HOW WE COPED, WORKED AND PLAYED An anthology edited by Margaret Bigger  - Published by A. Borough Books

Two stories:     

            “My Two Little Worlds,” by Jerri Gibson McCloud

            “Let’s Play Make Believe,” by Jerri Gibson McCloud

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Jerri served on the Board of Charlotte Writers' Club for over six years, as President two years, and Past President for one year. Follow this link to read her accomplishments: Charlotte Writers' Club



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